5 Uniquely Different Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are part of the wedding process and allows a night out with your best friends!  Looking for something different from just dinner and bar hopping?  FORUM to the rescue!  We found 5 uniquely different bachelor parties the groom would be excited to have:

  • Head to the great outdoors

Is the groom-to-be a fan of camping and relaxing by a campfire?  Planning a weekend away at a nearby campground with your groomsmen and close friends might just be the perfect bachelor party for the groom that loves the outdoors.  There are so many fun activities you can plan for during your stay in the woods – think rafting, kayaking, motoring, or just even hiking!  What better way to spend a weekend for the outdoor enthusiast than bonfires and beers!

  • Road Trip

Is your groom someone who is super spontaneous?  Laid-back?  Loves to travel?  Roadtripping may be the perfect bachelor party for the groom that is ready for adventure.  Plan a weekend away with the groomsmen and closest friends to wherever the road takes you.  Surprise the groom with a trip over the border – don’t forget your passports.  Plan a weekend to his old stomping grounds and get away to his college town!  No matter where the road takes you, you know you are its bound to be a memorable trip with lots of laughs, great stories, and new sights to see!

  • Game On!

Is your groom a sports fanatic?  Does he love a little friendly competition?  Planning an all day sporting events might be just the perfect day for him.  Think – a kickball tournament, a round of golf, bowling, or event paintball.  Of course, don’t forget the personalized shirts for each team!  Love sports but not the most athletic – plan a fun day at a sporting event, such as, a baseball game.  Wind down the evening with a BBQ or your favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks!

  • Take a tour

Is your groom into craft beer or other liquor?  Taking a tour of the local breweries could be just what this groom would think is a perfect way to spend the day with this best friends.  Here in Fishers, if you book your wedding/reception with us you will receive a discount at The Pint Cycle.  The Pint Cycle is a local, family-owned business, serving the vibrant and growing city of Fishers, Indiana. Our pedal-powered, 16-person bicycle, tours the city’s center with optional stops at several breweries, bars, and restaurants, including Four Day Ray BreweryBrixx PizzaLouvino, and Nickel Plate Bar & Grill.    Want to get a little further away from home – travel down to Clermont, KY and make a visit to the Jim Beam Distillery.

  • Going to the EXTREME

Is your groom a thrill seeker?  Is he looking for an adrenaline rush?  There’s nothing like defying death to bring a group of guys closer together – go skydiving!  If skydiving is too crazy for your crew maybe settle for:  whitewater rafting, rock climbing, scuba diving or even go-cart racing.

No matter what you do, the memories that will be made will be some of the best times you all will have together!  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with your friends!

Until Next Time,


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