Why hiring a Videographer for your Wedding Day is so important!

You may think having both a photographer and a videographer on your wedding day is a bit much. You may not think having a videographer is a high priority or even in your budget. Trust us, you’ll want to hire a wedding videographer and here are a few reasons why:

·        Your wedding day will fly by and there are things that you and your spouse will miss that your videographer will capture. For example, seeing your grandparent’s reaction as you say your vows.

·        You can’t hear a picture. You will be able to re-watch your “I Dos”, the meaningful toasts, and great memories that you made at your wedding.

·        You will be able to re-watch and hear the voices and mannerisms of loved ones that have passed.

·        It is a keepsake. You will be able to show your kids and your grandchildren your wedding day.

Yes, like a photographer, videographers tend to be expensive. However, when you are considering the amount of time involved in the wedding video you can see why. You can get a good videographer for a reasonable price. Here are some of the videographers we love to recommend to our Brides & Grooms here at FORUM.

Borgerhoff Movies– Ianbphotography.com

IndyVisual Videographer – indyvisual.com

Vibe Productions – vibevideoproductions.com

C Lyon Productions – clyonproductions.com

Unique Heart Productions– Uniqueheartproductions.com

Blushing Films– blushingfilms.com


Below is a video of our style shoot from a few years ago.

Until Next Time,


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