Traditional Vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts- The First 15 Years!

FORUM Events Center hosts approximately 25 weddings each year. It is crazy to think that it has been over 10 years since we have hosted our very first wedding! We thought it would be a good idea to help give anniversary ideas to not only our past but our future brides and grooms.

Here’s to the first 15!

1st year

Traditional- Paper

Modern- Clocks

Write the sweet love letter that your spouse will hold on to forever.

2nd Year

Traditional- Cotton

Modern- China

Treat your spouse to a new bathrobe or a handmade quite for your home together

3rd Year

Traditional- Leather

Modern- Crystal/Glass

Splurge and get your spouse a new pair of leather shoes or a purse

4th Year

Traditional- Fruit/Flowers

Modern- Appliances

Re-create her bridal bouquet

Flowers in picture are from BOKAY Florists.

5th Year

Traditional- Wood


Plant a tree in your yard.


6th Year

Traditional- Candy/Iron



7th Year

Traditional- Wool/Copper

Modern- Desk Sets


8th Year

Traditional- Pottery/Bronze



9th Year

Traditional- Willow/Pottery

Modern- Leather


10th Year

Traditional- Tin/Aluminum

Modern-Diamond Jewelry


11th Year

Traditional- Steel

Modern- Fashion Jewelry


12th Year

Traditional- Silk/Linen



13th Year

Traditional- Lace

Modern- Textiles


14th Year

Traditional/Modern- Gold Jewelry


15th Year

Traditional- Crystal



Until Next Time,



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