Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2017-2018

Planning a wedding and have no idea where to start?  What is a popular trend for this upcoming year?  The FORUM team is here to help.  We researched what are the top 5 trends for weddings for this upcoming year.  Here they are:

  • Woodland Weddings

Rustic with a bit of glam is one of the top trends for this year.  Think lots of greenery with a touch of sparkle.  Romantic wedding attire is what is popular this wedding season – so long wedding veils and gowns with lace or floral embellishments.  Wearing your hair in a braid or wearing a floral crown will compliment this romantic look.  Outdoors under a tent with twinkle lights for your reception, having moss as a runner on your guests tables, or incorporating an animal print in your decor complete this woodland look.


  • Weddings Unplugged

Being truly “present” at an event is something most people struggle with these days as almost everyone has a smart phone or has a social media account like, Facebook or Instagram.  Want guests to not Instagram throughout the ceremony or reception?  Try for an unplugged wedding.  How do you do this, you may ask?  Add a cute note to the guest book table asking guests to please shut off their phones at the start of the ceremony.  Some brides are even providing a phone check (much like a coat check) to ensure that no video or pictures are taken at their special day by guests.

  • Vibrant Colors

Bright colors are back on top for weddings this wedding season.  All white weddings are gone…for now!  What are brides doing to incorporate these bright and fun colors to their weddings?  Brides are taking a more neutral color, such as, gold or ivory and adding a pop of color like yellow.  They may do this through their linen choices, their flowers or centerpieces on the tables, or even on their cake or dessert tables.



  • Sheer Illusion Necklines

The sheer neckline wedding dresses have really taken center stage this wedding season.  The bridal stores are full of these simple, classic wedding dresses with the added sparkle along the necklines all the way down to sometimes the sleeves.  These dresses are stunning to say the least and really showcase the bride in the wedding photography.


  • Social Media Guests

So, the complete opposite of an unplugged wedding is the idea that you have wedding guests capturing your entire day through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Brides are coming up with their own unique #hastag to capture all of these wonderful memories.  Some are even providing charging stations for guests to ensure that their phones stayed juiced the entire evening.



Until Next Time,



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