Vendor Shoutout- Meet Jason Ryan with AMS Entertainment!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful vendors to recommend to our clients! One of those wonderful vendors is AMS Entertainment. We asked Jason Ryan, the Event Sales Manager, to tell us a little bit about his company, as well as, his background and experience.

  • What is your title and position at your current company?

Event Sales Manager at AMS Entertainment

  • What does your company do? How is it different than others like it?

AMS Entertainment started in 1984 as a DJ company. The owner of our company (Slade Smith) wanted to provide an exceptional experience personalized to each client’s unique expectations. All of our staff goes through a certified training program unlike anything in the DJ industry. Over the years we have grown into one of the largest entertainment companies in the state. We now offer DJs, MCs, Video DJs, Photo Booths, A/V Rentals & Lighting, Game Shows, Team building, Airbrush Tattoos, Casino Parties, virtual racing simulators, retro arcade games, Archery Tag, Shooting simulators and much more. But throughout all of that, our core values have stayed the same.

  • How many years have you been in the industry?

13 years. I started with AMS right out of college in 2003 as a part time DJ while managing a jewelry store. While in college, I did help create a large 2 day music festival called SpringFest at the University of Southern Indiana. It was the largest event USI had ever seen and was the first time USI ever had a national act play on campus. We had a carnival, food vendors, a car show and of course, 2 days of music. I was in charge of creating the main stage, finding and contracting with multiple bands and acts and working with the tech crew. That is where I found I had a passion for events.

  • What was your very first job?

It wasn’t pretty or glamorous. I worked as part of the grounds crew at a pay-to-fish lake. My job was to come in on Saturday and Sunday morning and clean up all of the junk that fishermen leave behind. People use some pretty gross stuff as bait! And there were always dead fish. I had to pull the dead fish out of the lake and bury them. I’m not talking small fish either. Typically they were 5-10lb bass. That job didn’t last long!

  • What lead you in into the event industry?

I would have to say that my time spent working on SpringFest at USI is what gave me a taste for the event Industry. I loved building an event from the ground up and watching the attendees having fun and enjoying themselves. I graduated with a degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communications with a plan to go to graduate school for Student Development in Higher Education. At that time, I thought my only way to be able to plan events was as an advisor at a university. It wasn’t until I was hired on with AMS that I realized there was an entire industry surrounding special events.

  • What is your most memorable event? Why?

I have had the true pleasure to be a part of some amazing events and (more specifically) weddings. It is always an honor for me to be asked to DJ at the wedding of another event professional which I have had the pleasure of doing a lot over the last few years.

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis for their annual event, “Adult Recess.” It was a fantastic night filled with many different activities that we were able to provide such as Archery tag, DJ, Karaoke, Retro arcade games, Photo booth, Racing Simulators, Pub Style trivia, Extreme bingo, uplighting, digital wall décor, and dance floor lighting.

  • What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am color blind. Not completely though. I have a slight Red-green vision deficiency.

  • If you were not in the event industry, what would be your dream job?

Since I was 5 years old, I always wanted to be an actor. I loved the idea of taking on a different persona every time you walked on stage or in front of a camera. I miss being on stage. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get back on it!

Please check out AMS Entertainment’s website at for more information and new services.


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