Renting vs. Buying Linens

If you have ever planned an event or more importantly a wedding, I bet you have wondered which is the better choice, to rent or buy your linens? Well if you ask us (or anyone in the event industry) the answer is always RENT! We highly recommend to all of our couples and clients to rent their linens if they do not do anything else for their event. There are pros and cons to both renting and buying your linens. The article below published by The Springs Events Venue explains why renting your linens is the best choice in the end and we would have to agree!

For our linen ordering process, we get samples from one of our two linen companies for a meeting that we will schedule with couples and clients. We then get a quote from the company before we make it an order. We allow couples and clients to make changes to their linen order up to a week before their event.

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