Vendor Shout-Out! Andi Sherman, Owner of Something Blue Stylists!

FORUM Conference & Event Center, is excited to add Something Blue Stylist to our recommended vendor list!  We asked Andi Sherman, the Owner, to tell us a little bit about her company, as well as, her background and experience.      somethingblue1

  • What is your title and position at your current company?
    •  My name is Andi Sherman, and I am the owner of Something Blue Stylists, an on location bridal beauty company based in Indiana.
  • What does your company do? How is it different than others like it?
    •  Something Blue Stylists provides brides with on location  beauty services, including hair styling, traditional makeup, and Airbrush makeup application. I think that Something Blue Stylists is different from any other company because of our consistent reputation for always going above and beyond for our clients. We are always on time and keep our brides on schedule so that they have a fun and stress-free morning on their wedding day. It’s not just about being great at hair and makeup, of which I am more then confident in our abilities to help our brides achieve their desired look, but it’s also about keeping things running smoothly for our brides.


  • How many years have you been in the industry?
    • I have been a licensed cosmetologist in Indiana since 2004, and started Something Blue Stylists in 2007 shortly after moving to Southern California. It is so weird to think I’ve been doing this for 13 years, because I rarely feel like what I do is work!
  • What was your very first job?
    •  I worked at a gorgeous Aveda salon that had a ceremony and reception venue on site. It was my first introduction into the bridal industry, and helped me realize how much I loved doing weddings.
  • What lead you in into the event industry?
    • When I moved to Southern California in 2006, I knew I didn’t want to start all over building a clientele in a salon.  Wedding and prom season was always my favorite time of year so I wanted to find a way to do that full time. Southern California was perfect because not only is it gorgeous year-round but it’s also considered a destination wedding spot, and many people flew in from all over the world, so it wasn’t unheard of doing weddings Friday through Sunday and then have a wedding on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as well! That was a rough week, but I loved the opportunity to work with an international clientele.
  • What is your most memorable event? Why?
    •  One of my first weddings I did was actually a surprise wedding! Everyone thought they were there for a party to celebrate the brides recent promotion at work. The only people who knew were me, the couple, and the officiant. It was a wedding I’ll never forget!
  • What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
    • During the week I run an Etsy shop making custom wedding invitations for brides who are looking to incorporate non-traditional “geeky” elements into their wedding stationary. I make a lot of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Doctor Who themed invitation suites. I love helping people incorporate the things that they love into their special day!
  • If you were not in the event industry , what would be your dream job?
    • I truly couldn’t imagine doing anything else, but if I had to choose a true ‘dream’ job, I’d probably work in the Auror Department for the Ministry of Magic.


For more information about Something Blue Stylist please visit their website:



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