Spring is Finally Here!

Spring is finally upon us and it’s time to start soaking up this gorgeous weather! However, during our long working days, sometimes soaking up the sunshine doesn’t always make it onto our schedule as much as we would like. In spite of this, this is the time of year we love to highlight the use of our courtyard!

Our corporate clients love to use our courtyard for meeting breaks and outdoor receptions using our cocktail tables.

         Roche July 002      Roche July 012

….or just to have a little fun.

Premiere Showcase (13)

Our courtyard is also a good place to welcome your attendees with your company’s signs.

HR Block (2)


With wedding season approaching, we can’t forget about outdoor ceremonies! Our courtyard can hold up to 250 guests and is set up to highlight the blooming flowers.

DSCN0039      A-KH-101-L

Photographed by Kristin Hornberger Photography (above right)

Our floor to ceiling glass windows also make a great background for bridal party pictures.

Weddings Weddings

Photographed by Mark Watson Photography

The ceremony isn’t where the outdoor fun stops, though! We have seen several fun ideas such as cigar bars and sparkler exits.



This time of year also means that our courtyard trees are starting to bloom!



Come on over and ask how you can incorporate the sunshine into your next event!


Until next time,



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