Incorporating Children into a Wedding Ceremony

Blended families are more common now than ever, with my family being my favorite example.  My son not only has a father, but a step-father.  My daughter has a half sibling and is about to have a full sibling.


For those of you who have children from a past relationship or marriage, how do you incorporate them when you decide to get married again?

I researched this question and found some great ideas:



Add them as a bridesmaid or groomsman

There is no written rule that says that your bridesmaids or groomsmen have to be adults,  so why not add your children to the wedding party?  This would help them feel involved in your wedding festivities, like planning the bridal shower or crafting the centerpieces.


Let them walk you down the aisle

When my husband and I got married, we had a small ceremony with only family. My son had the honor of walking me down the aisle and then standing by my side during the ceremony.  I felt like it was his way of accepting my husband into our family and accepting him as his step-father.


Polluck-Tolly (2 of 62)_1810

Include them in the unity ceremony

We love when couples preform a unity sand ceremony, with each member of the family choosing a different color of sand.  What a very special way to show your children that you are now a family!  The jar from my wedding sits in our kitchen to help remind us that we are in this together.


Write your children into your vows or create your own special vows for them

Writing vows to your children or adding them into your own vows is an easy way to make them feel special and included.  Making the same promises to them as you are your spouse shows that you are committed as a family.



Present them with a special gift during the ceremony

Giving them a gift to remind them of this special day, the day that your family became one is a way to again make them feel special and included.  Present your daughter with a necklace or her own ring.  Give your son a watch or a necklace like the one above.

I hope some of these ideas help any blended families out there, and we would love to see your beautiful wedding take place here at the FORUM Conference & Event Center!


Until Next Time,




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