Vendor Shout-Out! Craig Sterler from Sterler Productions


This year at FORUM Conference & Events Center, we hired a new A/V Company, Sterler Productions,  to maintenance our A/V system in the Conference Center.  We asked Craig a little bit about his company, as well as, his experience and background.

Sterler Productions


  • What does your company do and what makes it different from others like it?

Sterler Productions is a solution based organization. What that means is we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs, learning and understanding their objectives. We educate our clients about the technology, man power and processes required to ensure a successful outcome as well as effectively managing dollar resources by providing cost-effective options. Our success is a direct result of our straightforward approach to producing successful events…

Identify our clients requirements and objectives.

Plan for all possible situations.

Execute. Execute. Execute!

Deliver unsurpassed value.

There is a lot that differentiates Sterler Productions from other competitors in the marketplace. We have traveled worldwide, providing the same consistent service wherever we land. We have done road shows, product launches, sales incentive meetings in locations like Sun Valley, Napa, San Antonio, Denver, Colorado, Vermont, Boise, Provo, the Sundance film Festival just to name a few. It takes a special company to produce events flawlessly under ridiculous circumstances when you are thousands of miles away from home and get it right all the time. We take the same care, planning and strategies to ensure that our local clients have the same experience as our national and international clients do. We also partner with other companies that have specialties. Through our network we are able to achieve virtually any size of event locally or worldwide.

  • What lead you to your current career and how long have you been in the field?

Craig Sterler personally has 28 years of experience in the special events industry. He has produced events and artwork for David Letterman, 16 and 17 magazine, LL Cool J and even a stage backdrop for Metallica, as well as designing multiple high-end restaurants, nightclubs, and high-end homes before the age of 15. At the age of 19 he was featured in special events magazine for creating a moving carousel completely made out of foamboard. Also while still in his teens his clients were Xerox, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Wegmans, the Rochester Rhinos and Jim Brickman. He was nationally recognized by Nace, MPI, the Soul Train Music Awards and others before the age of 21 while double majoring in graphic design and illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon graduation he moved to Puerto Rico to produce a team building miniature golf course experience. He then set his sights on South Florida in which he quickly took over the design and production for many of the major production companies including Barton G, Designs by Sean, Outside the Lines, ME Productions, Deco Productions, Medallion Occasions, Jimmy Jam Productions and even worked on projects with David Tuterra and HGTV.

While in Florida HP Latin America became one of Craig’s clients as a result of his hard work HP global asked him to consider providing audiovisual services. He streamlined the setup and breakdown of the audiovisual equipment consisting of four microphones, speakers, 2 – 7.5’ x 10’ screens, seamless switcher and pipe and drape as well as the setup and breakdown of over 20 products and displays for 32 shows in 32 cities across the country in three and half months. He drove, unloaded, set up, ran, broke down, packed and drove to the next city by himself. His average set up time was 5 ½ hours.

  • What is your most memorable event at FORUM?  Why?

Our most memorable event at the forum was a corporate event in which we had to provide a crystal-clear audio feed from the forum to multiple locations around the country as well as in the forum conference center. We were able to accomplish this by listening and understanding the objectives of the client and through extensive sound checks we were able to achieve a flawless execution. Why was this most memorable event, quite frankly when your company can execute an event in excellence where other companies have failed using essentially the same equipment it does put a pretty big smile on your face.

  • What is one thing people do not know about you or your company?

Most people think of Sterler Productions as a leader in audiovisual technology however, our roots come from a very distinguished history in design, decor and event production.

  • What are the current trends you are seeing?

We have seen a lot of DIY customers over the past couple of years. Customers are starting to really understand the value of having event professionals in the planning, design, execution and technology space. The money that they think they are saving by doing it themselves is starting to become abundantly clear that not only will it cost more to do it themselves but also impact how they enjoy their event. All of a sudden the cost of doing something by yourself “for free” starts having a real cost for the bride who cannot enjoy her wedding day because she is worried about how the centerpieces are going to get from her garage to the event or the meeting planner who borrowed a sound system, projector and microphone from a friend and has 100 people in a room and he or she cannot get it to function properly. Every industry goes through trends like this at some point I’m glad to see this one coming to an end.

  • Anything else you would like us readers to know about you or your company?

We love what we do we especially love to solve problems for our clients and make their dreams reality.


Welcome Craig and the rest of the Sterler team to the FORUM Conference  & Events Center!

Until Next Time,



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