Unique and Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Want to make your reception a night your guests will be raving about forever? Check out some of our favorite fun and unique ways to spice up your wedding reception from The Knot and real FORUM weddings:

Break Out Those Dancing Shoes – 

Many videos have gone viral where the bride and groom start out with a slow dance and then suddenly switch to a choreographed routine that completely astonishes the guests.   Doing something unique and fun during your first dance when all eyes are on you sets the tone for a lively reception with lots of dancing by all!  Check out this fun example on YouTube:

Entertain Your Younger Crowd – 

If you are planning on inviting children to your reception, make sure they are entertained all evening by giving them an area specifically for them – whether that be in a separate room or just a separate area in the reception hall designated just for them. Another option would be to hire a babysitter who can set them up with movies to watch or engage them in a craft. Here at FORUM, one of our brides provided activity/ goodie bags on the chair of each seat reserved for the child! The goodie bags contained a stuffed animal, coloring books, and much more!

Kids table kids-table2

Give Out Party Favors – 

Your ceremony is a serious affair… but your reception is a party!  A fun way to encourage the party atmosphere with your guests is to pass out crazy wedding favors during the reception for the guests to have fun with on the dance floor. A few of our favorite ideas are glow sticks, personalized sunglasses, and beach balls.


Provide an Interactive Food Station – 

Having wonderful food makes for great festivities, but an interactive food station is even more engaging!  We have seen it all here at FORUM – pasta bars, mashed potato martini bars, and even an interactive dessert station where guests chose their own toppings.  These playful food stations will leave your guests happy, well-fed and ready for a great time at the reception.


Shortcake Station by Jacquies Gourmet Catering

Build Anticipation for an End-of-the-Night Treat-

Do not let your guests leave early, especially if you are still ready to party.  Plan for a fun surprise at the end of the night – something that guests will look forward too.  Ideas: perform a song with the band for your last dance, have a sparkler exit as you leave, or an LED balloon send off.  Get your guests excited to see you ride off into the sunset!

Cristina-Matt-Wedding-43981 il_214x170.673952709_h4pw

 Plan a Big Surprise-

Everyone has seen a first dance, a cake cutting, and the bride tossing the bouquet. But sometimes, the best parts of the reception are things that guest don’t see coming during cocktail hour or the reception.  The options are endless:  fire preformers, belly dancers, or even hosting a potato sack race.


Get your DJ on Board with Your Kind of Music-

Music is a major factor for fun at the reception.  It has the largest influence on the atmosphere of your party and how long guests will stay.  The very last thing  you want to see is your dance floor to empty as the “hokie pokie” comes on.  Our advice? Make sure you give your DJ your do-not-play list.

#4 (2)

Provide a Lounge Area-

Up the ante with a lounge area in your reception or cocktail space.  Not only will your non-dancing type guests be happy for a place to sit and chat, but your dancing guest will love to rest their feet in style.  One of our preferred vendors is Cort Furniture, and they have all of your furniture needs to make this possible!

KH-1026-L KH-1023-L

Present an Expert Tasting Station-

Having a bar is typical for a reception. But have you considered incorporating a different component in order to make the alcohol stop a unique one? An intriguing drink station can be exactly what you’re searching for to take it to the next level.  Hire a wine or a beer Sommelier, and let them entertain guests with a beer or wine tasting while learning a little bit about them.  A cigar station is another popular option.  In 2015, we saw this option set up at a wedding here at FORUM! It was a huge hit with the guests.


Change Into Something More Comfortable-

Looking gorgeous is the top priority for a bride on her wedding day, but who’s to say she can’t be comfortable too?  Make your reception more enjoyable for yourself by changing into a dress better suited to dancing. Not only will you be more relaxed, but your guests will sense the more laid back vibe as well, allowing your party goers to cut loose and enjoy the evening with you and your new partner!


We hope these fun and unique reception ideas help spice up your reception! If you are looking for other ideas from real FORUM weddings, check out some more unique wedding details here!

Until Next Time,

Sarah, Paige & Rachelle


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