2016 Wedding Trends

As 2016 sets in, we are expecting several new and exciting trends. Style Me Pretty had many predictions for this year’s wedding styles, a few of which we loved! Here are our favorites and how FORUM can accommodate for these upcoming trends…


  1. Rose Gold and Copper

Just get a beautiful trendy rose gold engagement ring? Rose gold and copper can be incorporated into your wedding as well with your china, flower vases, or linens.

1.1    1.2

FORUM’s preferred vendors, Violet Vintage and Hand Tied Memories, have several rose gold and copper pieces (a few shown above) available for rental.

  1. Bold Lighting

Lots of lighting will be expected for 2016. With the allowance of candles and a gorgeous illuminating chandelier, FORUM can most certainly accommodate to this year’s trend.

2.1  2.2

  1. Mix & Match Style

This year we are expected to see more mixing of styles, allowing a bride and groom to pick their favorite aspects of certain styles and combine them. Perhaps you like the rustic feel with just a hint of glam? Give your wedding your own unique and bold twist with this year’s trend.

FORUM can assist with these creations with help from our preferred vendor, Cort Events. With our partnered discounts, we can help piece together your unique wedding from a selection of all different styles.


Cort’s “Classic” style


Cort’s “Rustic” style

  1. Pattern

Picking out your linens is no longer just about color. 2016 trends predict patterns to be the new route to making a statement. Patterns can be used in table linens, table runners, chair sashes, and/or napkins!


FORUM can help you find the perfect pattern for your taste and budget with the help of Chair Covers and Linens. Our partnership with this preferred vendor allows you to receive discounted rates on linens!

  1. Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Cocktails are now being seen before the ceremony in order to give guests a refresher before the festivities begin.


Our foyer which includes a built-in bar is a perfect place to enjoy these pre-ceremony drinks as the remaining guests arrive.

  1. Calligraphy everywhere!

6.2    6

Calligraphy is going to be seen in every aspect of weddings – cake toppers, invitations, place cards …. FORUM even has a large bulkhead over the stage to project a customizable monogram that you can use to incorporate calligraphy!


  1. Low-key Ceremony Readings

Rather than having your guests snoozing off during your ceremony reading, jump on board with this new trend by having a handful of guests each recite a line of the reading. This low-key approach will get your audience more engaged and make your ceremony more intimate. Here at FORUM we have several lavaliers and handheld microphones available for use (at no additional cost!) so each guest with a line can be heard loud and clear by all attendees.


  1. After Parties

Rather than ending the night as the reception comes to an end, couples are now continuing the night with after-parties. Good news for our brides – we have preferred vendors that can provide excellent transportation for all your after-reception needs!



Liking these 2016 wedding trends but still would like to see something different? Our vendors and coordinators are always willing to work their hardest to ensure your wedding is unique and fitting to YOU!





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