Apps that Every Bride Needs!

Weddings are huge events to plan, especially for the average bride who has never planned this large of an event in her life. At points in the process, it might seem like a full toolkit is required, complete with tape measure, massive binder, and rolodex of contacts.

But, I am here to tell you there is only one thing you need: Your smartphone! There are SO many apps out there to help you put together your perfect day.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Wedding Catalog Sites

a33b7cde47d349c090e1292ec8972d36c699f4d22e48dbe55986555c The Knot– As one of the undisputed leaders in the wedding world, getting The Knot app is a no-brainer. Not only do they have one of the largest listings of local vendors, but their app also has wedding tools like a checklist, budget, countdown feature, and inspiration boards.

Weddingwire WeddingWire– Similar to The Knot is Wedding Wire, who’s main app also offers checklists, budget tools, and a guest list with  RSVP option. But Wedding Wire also offers a whole suite of wedding apps, including WedSocial (photo-sharing) and WedStyle (fashion inspiration).

gsdfagsg Perfect Wedding Guide– Also perfect for the bride looking for a one-stop shop, PWG offers listings of nearby vendors, budget tools, guest lists, and even registration for their local bridal shows.


Pinterest Pinterest– If you want to know what a girl envisions her wedding to be like, check out her Pinterest page. Laid out like a giant interactive corkboard, Pinterest is the reigning king of inspiration websites. At the heart of the DIY weddings movement, it is chock full of tutorials, creative ideas, and hot style trends.

Loverly Loverly– This inspiration app is user friendly and editor curated, to give you the best selection of images to help you plan your big day. They have thousands of images from real weddings and links to purchase your favorite items directly from the vendors. With pages like “Popular” images, a great “Search” option, and easy ways to save and share, Loverly is there to help.

iWedding iWedding Deluxe– Recognized as one of the top wedding planning apps out there, this app has a built-in budget sheet, gift tracker, guest list, invitation tracker and more. Easy to use, it even has a space for inspirational photos that you collect and can update to social media to keep your bridal party in the loop!

Allseated All Seated– Just when it seems like putting together your guest list is the hardest part, you realize you need to figure out where all of your guests will sit! This nifty little app can help with that, allowing you to put together floor plans, seating arrangements, guest lists, and timelines. It even lets you see your floor plans in 3-D, and share them with your event planner!

toptableplanner Top Table Planner– Much like All Seated, this seating app will come in handy when deciding on your room layout. With a slightly more user-friendly design, this app makes it easy to not only put together your seating chart, but also share it with your venue and suppliers.

Wedding floral basics Wedding Floral Basics– This app is for the DIY bride willing to get her hands dirty to save some money. It’s the perfect tool for learning how to create your own floral arrangements, flower crowns, boutonnieres, etc, with video tutorials and step by step directions.

img_big_logo-normal BONUS: Plan the Day– We couldn’t talk about the top wedding planning apps without mentioning our friends at Plan The Day! This beautifully designed and easy to use web app helps you keep your wedding planner and vendors in the loop with shareable budget tools, guest list, check list, notebook, inspiration board, and more! The best part? They are currently developing their own iOS app, so you can have your “wedding binder” right in your pocket!

For the Bride & Groom:

Blingfinder BlingFinder– If you are still searching for the perfect ring, this app is a great place to start. With over 3,000 enagagement rings, wedding bands, and jewelry pieces to choose from and filters to help you narrow the choices down, the ring you were meant to have is easy to find.

wedding hairstyles Wedding Hairstyles– Perfect for the bride that isn’t sure what to do with her wedding hair just yet, this app will let her try on hundreds of different hairstyles without making a commitment. Perfect for experimenting before making anything permanent!

Wedding countdown Wedding Countdown– You have your wedding date, and now you just have to wait for it to arrive! This app does the countdown for you, and you can even personalize your tracker with your own photos, your favorite song, your preferred font, and so much more.

weddingvowsWedding Vows– With over 150 customizable samples of vows, couples have the chance to enhance the most important part of their ceremony. The beautifully designed app allows you to save your favorites, share them on your Facebook wall, and even submit your final product to be a new sample on the app.


appy couple  Appy Couple– Now that you are engaged, it’s time to not only tell all of your friends and family, but start giving out the important details! This app helps you build the perfect wedding website to share your engagement story, link to your registry, and provide wedding day information.

Zola Zola Registry– You’ve gotten some of the big items out of the way (booking your venue, finding a photographer, etc.), now you get to think about stuff for YOU! Zola is a wonderful help for putting together your registry, where it lets your guests buy you experiences & services in additional to physical gifts like towels and toasters. You can scan bar codes from your phone to add items, and even let your friends split the bill for larger items right on the app!

honeyfund Honeyfund– Do you and your fiancé already have everything you need for your house, and you will scream if you receive one more gravy boat? The founders at Honeyfund had this problem, and they realized they would rather have their guests put their gift money towards their honeymoon! This registry app lets your guests pay for different parts of your trip: either just giving cash to the overall budget, or individual services like upgrades, bar tabs, and tickets to local entertainment.

At The Event:

icon175x175LiveLens– Do you have any guests that would love to attend your wedding, but can’t make it in person? There are apps out there to help them be part of it from afar! This specific app does live-streaming video, while also giving your guests an interactive experience with real-time chatting and social media interaction.

Vyclone Vyclone– This is another video app, but with a different spin. If you don’t have the budget for a videographer, but you have the types of guests that will all have their phones out to record the event, then this app is for you! Ask your guests to record their own perspectives on your big day, send the videos to Vyclone, and their professional editors will remix all the angles captured into one perfect movie! If you don’t like their final product, you can even cut it all together yourself.

WedpicsWedPics Your photographer is the undisputed top priority when it comes to photos, but sometimes it’s fun to collect them from your guests too so you don’t miss out on any of the fun. This app is the top in it’s game for photo sharing, with capabilities like Facebook inviting, unlimited photos, print ordering, and the option for the couple to delete any snapshots they don’t like. You can also create separate albums for engagement parties, bridal showers, honeymoon photos, etc.

Wedding party Wedding Party– This app is another great option for photo-sharing during your big day. Users, including the bride and groom, can then share and comment on any photo uploaded. You can also order cards to put on guest tables so they know how to download and use the app.


Uber Uber– Open bars make for fun weddings, but  guests getting into their cars afterward does not. That’s where Uber comes in! This ride-sharing app is easy to use and perfect for rides home after a great reception. Most often cheaper than taxis, your guests will be happy to party with you till the wee hours of the morning, then catch a ride back to their hotel.

icon175x175bdfd Point & Measure– Leave the tape measure at home, because all you need is your smartphone and this app when shopping for décor or touring your venue. Just point your phone at an object or wall, and the app will calculate the distance and height of it. Unsure of how large the dance floor is, or how far to the bar? This app can help.

Evernote Evernote– This highly regarded organizational app is your best friend when it comes to staying organized. Able to be used on almost any platform, it’s ideal for your to-do lists, shopping lists, check lists, and any other kind of list! You can attach files, images, receipts, notes, and best of all, share it all with your fiancé while you make real time updates and discussion notes. Have a friend or family member helping you plan? Share the information with them too!

Cozi Cozi– Much like Evernote, this app is the perfect way to keep in sync with your significant other. With a shared calendar, shopping list, reminders, and to do list, they won’t have any excuse for saying they forgot something! Updates are made in real time, so you can tell them to pick up some extra ribbon from the store while you sit comfortably at home.

color ColorSchemer– Your wedding color palette is the foundation of all of your design and décor decisions, and this app is there to help you put it together. The app is like a “Pinterest for color”; you can explore over a million user submitted color schemes, interact with the community, pull a color palette from an uploaded photo, and choose individual colors with their complements.

mailbox_blue-300dpi-150x150 Postable– Want to keep your address book in one easy-to-edit location? This app is the simple yet brilliant solution! Use the app to send out invitation links, and as the RSVPs flood in, the app populates your address book. But it’s goes one step above the virtual world; brides can also use the app to send physical, snail mail thank you cards and other mailables, with tons of designs to choose from that include postage!

Fun Wedding TraditionsFun Wedding Traditions– Want to find some ways to spice up your big day? This app gives you fun facts about wedding traditions in other cultures and countries that might help you enhance the symbolism of your wedding.

I hope these apps help you streamline your big day, or at least making the planning a little more fun!

Until next time,



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