6 Perks of Friday and Sunday Weddings

Saturdays are the most popular days for weddings, but Sundays and Friday Weddings have several benefits that couples often miss out on. Check out these six perks of booking your venue for a Friday or Sunday instead of a Saturday!

  1. Save money on venue fees

Venues typically have the following pricing structure:

Friday Saturday Sunday
In-season Months $$ $$$ $
Off-season Months $$ $$$ $

Here at FORUM, our weekend wedding packages are $500 less on Fridays and $1000 less Sundays when compared to our Saturday pricing!

  1. Avoid the year long wait

Weddings typically book a year in advance, but what if you’re anxious to get married sooner? Or you want your wedding to be during a particular season that’s less than a year away? Friday and Sunday weddings are more likely to be available when booking closer to your engagement date.


  1. Better chances to book your preferred vendors

It’s no surprise that the best wedding vendors book up fast. Your venue will typically determine your date, but what about the other 3-5 vendors (DJ, photographer, caterer, etc.) you still have to book? Wedding vendors are more likely to have availability on Sundays and Fridays rather than the prime Saturday hours.

#3 1 #3 2

Our photo vs. a professional photographer, Kaitlyn Huff. These pictures were taken moments apart both using professional cameras. The difference? Experience. Your selection of vendors WILL make a difference.

  1. More time for setup or teardown

Given that weddings are not typically held on Thursdays, some venues will allow you to setup for your Friday wedding the night before rather than the morning of your wedding. This will free up the morning of your wedding to tend to more important matters…


On the other hand, a Sunday wedding allows more time for tear down the next day rather than the night of your wedding.

#4 (2)

Spend more time dancing the night away rather than worrying about tearing down decorations and linens.

…. OR just book with us at the FORUM Conference & Events Center, and we will set up and tear down your decorations for your wedding no matter what day you booked (at no additional cost)!

  1. Friday – more time to pack before the honeymoon

The days leading up to your wedding will be very busy getting the last minute details into place. Having your wedding on a Friday will allow you to have one less thing to worry about before the big day by building in an extra day of preparing for the honeymoon by leaving Saturday open for packing and Sunday as your day of travel.


In a hurry to get to your honeymoon destination and want to leave the day following the reception? Get a head start on your honeymoon by leaving on the Saturday following a Friday wedding and take advantage of the whole weekend rather than just one day!

  1. Sunday – more time to prepare the night before

Rather than taking the day off work to have to prepare for your wedding, save the vacation time for your honeymoon by taking Saturday to prepare for your Sunday wedding.

Weigh the importance of each benefit before limiting yourself to a Saturday wedding!

Until next time,



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