2015 Beth-El Congregation Table Settings Event

On August 9th and 10th, the FORUM Conference & Events Center had the pleasure of being involved in the Congregation Beth-El Zedeck 2015 Table Settings Event.

The biggest names in the Indianapolis events industry put together decorative and artful table displays, which were viewed by the public and members of the congregation. Drinks and treats were provided, and soft music played as the crowds wandered from table to table.

For our design, we wanted to put together something that was clean, modern, and technology focused. Our final display was a collaboration between four companies; the FORUM Conference & Events Center, Sterler Productions, StandOut Creations, and Cort Furniture.

Our main goal was to present a table that was multi-purpose and not immediately associated with any one type of event. You could find this table at a wedding, a bat mitzvah, a corporate gala, a non-profit fundraiser, etc. We wanted the viewer to decide what they would like to see it used for.

We all had a fantastic time putting the table together, and were incredibly proud of the result! We got an abundance of good feedback and had great conversations about the work that went into it.

Here are some pictures of the final set-up!





Jennifer Treadway and Craig Sterler with Sterler Productions provided not only design collaboration, but also the fundamental pieces of the display: the table and backdrop. The table consisted of four custom Lucite 30” table bases with 36” x 36” tops, illuminated by state-of-the-art battery-powered RGB LED light strips, and a backdrop of two LED lit serpentine spandex walls.

Cort Furniture provided the Panton chairs and the two Luna lighted columns, which meshed seamlessly with the style and feel of Sterler’s pieces.


We knew early in the design process that we wanted something unique for the table number, menu and name cards, which are traditionally provided by a stationary company. After a little searching, I found the perfect company to take our table to the next level.

StandOut Creations, located in Anderson, IN, offers a wide range of visual communications products and services. We consulted with one of the owners, Logan Day, and he understood our vision immediately. I am obsessed with the pieces that they produced, and not just because they made one with my name! The acrylic details were one of the highlights of the whole tablescape.




Jennifer with Sterler Productions worked her floral magic and designed the stunning centerpiece. It features white flowers in sideways square vases with metal accents amongst the greenery. With such a large table, we had a lot of real estate to cover, so the horizontal nature of the flower arrangement made a huge impact. The floral was crowned with a glowing Nebula centerpiece from Fancy Faces Décor.

IMG_1950   IMG_1962

I couldn’t be more proud of how it came together. Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors that came together to make this event a success!

LED Tables & Serpentine Wall with uplights – Sterler Productions

Chairs & LED Columns – CORT Furniture

Acrylic Menus, Names & LED Table Number – StandOut Creations

Until next time,



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