What does your venue do for YOU? FORUM’s new Wedding Coordination services

Planning your big day can be stressful enough trying to select a venue, photographer, DJ, caterer, and decorations. But what about the coordination of all these vendors? Who’s going to arrive at what times for setup? Has your venue been informed of their time of arrival? Who is going to setup and tear down after the dancing is over? Do your linens need to be returned by a certain day?

The little details can get overwhelming when trying to make sure everyone and everything is where it’s supposed to be. Planning your wedding is complicated, and we recognize a planner isn’t always in the budget. That’s why the FORUM team is  here to help! Our wedding package now includes wedding coordination services at no additional cost that help guide you along to ensure everything is in place for a flawless event.

So what all does this entail? To start, FORUM’s coordinators will help assist you with the creation of a floor plan for your ceremony and/or reception as well the ordering of linens. With our knowledge of our space and equipment, we ensure that every table is taken into consideration before placing your linen order.

Linen Diagram

Linen Chart Updated

Diagram with linen placement and chart to account for all linens

But why stop there? We handle putting the linens on the tables, as well as make sure they get returned on time to the vendor.

In addition to linens, we will help place furniture rental and Bottoms Up Beer dispenser orders! (Both of which we get a discount on pricing!)

Furniture   Bottoms up

Cort Furniture Rental & Customizable Bottoms Up cup magnets

After all vendors have been chosen by you, we will maintain communication with them on your behalf to confirm arrival times, ensure all questions regarding setup have been answered, and notify them of all changes.

Guest count has gone up? With the help of FORUM’s coordinators, you will no longer need to be concerned whether you have forgotten to share this update with everyone who needs to know – we will notify your caterer, rearrange your diagram with additional seating, and update your linen order.

Plan the Day

Your complimentary Plan the Day account where all our notes will be found

So the big day has arrived… is everything in place? At this point, your FORUM coordinator has placed confirmation calls to all your vendors a week prior to confirm their arrival and expectations. In addition, they have met with you to discuss your decoration layout. That’s right, our coordinators meet with you to learn your decoration setup – so you don’t have to do it! Nobody wants to be taken away from being pampered the night before or morning of the wedding to set up, nor does anyone want to stay after the party is over to tear down. That’s why we do it for you, according to your instructions.

Decorations Decoration 2

Don’t have your family and friends running around informing everyone of the timeline – leave it to us. We serve as your day-of coordinator to ensure your caterer is serving food at the designated time, tables are being released accordingly, and lights are being dimmed in a timely manner for dancing.

Already hired a planner? Great! We’ll take a step back and just help where there is a need. Soak up the fun of picking out gorgeous flowers and your beautiful dress. Leave the complicated details to us.

                                               Wedding Coordination Blog Pic of Paige   Rachelle

FORUM’s Event Coordinators, Paige Ellenberger and Rachelle Wood

Until Next time,



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