3D Floorplans – A New Feature to FORUM

As a venue, we want to make sure your event is laid out to run as smoothly as possible. However, it can often be hard to imagine what the space will look like with your custom setup. FORUM Conference & Events Center recently joined Social Tables, a tool used to create 3D floor plans. With Social tables, FORUM is able to create layouts in a model unique to our space.

In fact, Social Tables can even show what your linen colors may look like on the floor plan we create!


Social Tables allows us to customize your floor plan to exactly how you prefer. Want to see a crescent style setup? You got it.

“But what about that little space back in the corner? Can we fit one more table there?” Well, Social Tables allows us to show you recommended walking area around tables (represented by the green circles), so you know exactly whether or not that extra table should indeed go there.

Recommended Space

Now that a floor plan is created, you have to wait until setup day to see it all put together, right? With Social Tables, that wait is over. This handy tool allows you to see a 3D view of the venue!

3D wedding close view

This 3D view’s measurements are true to our space. You are able to zoom in and out, and see the entire building, including our beautiful foyer with the set-up for your cocktail hour.

3D wedding wide view

Seem like a lot to handle along with all the other planning aspects? Don’t worry, FORUM’s management team still does all the layout work – but you can now see what it will actually look like! Planning an event can be stressful, and leaving things up to the imagination is the last thing we want do. Precise 3D floor plans are our way of helping you get one step closer to executing your flawless event!

Until Next Time,



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