Unique Wedding Details

Here at the FORUM Conference and Event Center, we have anywhere from 25 to 40 weddings per year! This means we have seen hundreds of brides come through our doors, and each has managed to put her own stamp on our space.

So today, we wanted to share with you some of the fun, unique details we have seen over the years that are great ideas for future brides to consider.

To kick things off, consider having a custom drink for everyone to enjoy when they arrive!


If you find the right caterer, they can also make the food part of the decorations. Or maybe bring in a custom ice sculpture?

IMG_0695     Howard-Quesenberry (1)

A wedding cake doesn’t have to always be a cake.

It could be a cupcake tower…..

Dyer-Diagne (19)         IMG_1164

…. or a pie bar…..

Carneval-Keinsley (41)

….. or a truffle bar……

Martin-Paddock (15)

…. or a whole variety of cakes to choose from!

Neukam (13)

Make sure the groom feels included by giving him his own special grooms cake.

Polluck-Tolly (27 of 62)_1835

The days have past when favors were bottles of bubbles. We loved these bride’s ideas from a smore’s kit to cup cozies.

Neukam (8)   Jones-Floreancig (25)

IMG_1067    Metcalf (5)

This bride and groom even decided to have a cigar bar that the guests could enjoy outside during the reception.


Signs with quotes or romantic sayings look great in our space and let the couple express their love or play to their theme.

Jones-Floreancig (4)     IMG_1041    IMG_0814

There are a variety of ways that we have seen couples show their guests to their seats, from shot gun shells to a repurposed door.

Neukam (1)      Harmon-Pass_1129_edited-1

IMG_1061    Carneval-Keinsley (9)

A table for the kids attending would make them feel welcome with their own treats and games …

Polluck-Tolly (16 of 62)_1822

… and a memorial table acknowledges those friends and family members who have passed.

Sue-Skinner (21)    IMG_0178

And don’t be afraid to decorate EVERYWHERE…. including the bathrooms!

IMG_1019    10848830_10152999400740040_811677818157746218_o

We can’t wait to see what our future brides are going to come up with too!

Until next time,



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