4 Wedding Invitation Mistakes to Avoid

Before you send you invitations to the printer make sure you double check for the following:

Check to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Correct spelling of names, addresses of ceremony and reception sites, and the correct date and time.

References to alcohol service aren’t included, although menu choices may be listed on reply cards if you are having a plated option.

Do not write “Adults only” or “No Children” on the invitation. If you are not having children at your wedding, then simply don’t list their names on the inner envelope (or outer, if there is only one envelope) of their parents’ invitation.

Don’t use stick-on labels to address your invitations. Instead, plan ahead to hand-address your invitations, or hire a calligrapher. Check out one of our recommended vendors, Blu3 Designs, who does amazing design and calligraphy work.

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5 Uniquely Different Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are part of the wedding process and allows a night out with your best friends!  Looking for something different from just dinner and bar hopping?  FORUM to the rescue!  We found 5 uniquely different bachelor parties the groom would be excited to have:

  • Head to the great outdoors

Is the groom-to-be a fan of camping and relaxing by a campfire?  Planning a weekend away at a nearby campground with your groomsmen and close friends might just be the perfect bachelor party for the groom that loves the outdoors.  There are so many fun activities you can plan for during your stay in the woods – think rafting, kayaking, motoring, or just even hiking!  What better way to spend a weekend for the outdoor enthusiast than bonfires and beers!

  • Road Trip

Is your groom someone who is super spontaneous?  Laid-back?  Loves to travel?  Roadtripping may be the perfect bachelor party for the groom that is ready for adventure.  Plan a weekend away with the groomsmen and closest friends to wherever the road takes you.  Surprise the groom with a trip over the border – don’t forget your passports.  Plan a weekend to his old stomping grounds and get away to his college town!  No matter where the road takes you, you know you are its bound to be a memorable trip with lots of laughs, great stories, and new sights to see!

  • Game On!

Is your groom a sports fanatic?  Does he love a little friendly competition?  Planning an all day sporting events might be just the perfect day for him.  Think – a kickball tournament, a round of golf, bowling, or event paintball.  Of course, don’t forget the personalized shirts for each team!  Love sports but not the most athletic – plan a fun day at a sporting event, such as, a baseball game.  Wind down the evening with a BBQ or your favorite restaurant for dinner and drinks!

  • Take a tour

Is your groom into craft beer or other liquor?  Taking a tour of the local breweries could be just what this groom would think is a perfect way to spend the day with this best friends.  Here in Fishers, if you book your wedding/reception with us you will receive a discount at The Pint Cycle.  The Pint Cycle is a local, family-owned business, serving the vibrant and growing city of Fishers, Indiana. Our pedal-powered, 16-person bicycle, tours the city’s center with optional stops at several breweries, bars, and restaurants, including Four Day Ray BreweryBrixx PizzaLouvino, and Nickel Plate Bar & Grill.    Want to get a little further away from home – travel down to Clermont, KY and make a visit to the Jim Beam Distillery.

  • Going to the EXTREME

Is your groom a thrill seeker?  Is he looking for an adrenaline rush?  There’s nothing like defying death to bring a group of guys closer together – go skydiving!  If skydiving is too crazy for your crew maybe settle for:  whitewater rafting, rock climbing, scuba diving or even go-cart racing.

No matter what you do, the memories that will be made will be some of the best times you all will have together!  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with your friends!

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Cake Ball Wedding Cakes

This weekend one of our bride and grooms decided to take a different approach to their wedding cake and we LOVED the idea! They had a cake ball wedding cake! This is a great idea that gives your guests the opportunity to enjoy as little or as much cake as they would like. It also gives the opportunity to have multiple flavors. This weekend our bride and grooms cake consisted of Pineapple, Devil’s Food Cake, Red Velvet and Almond Cake. Below, is a photo of this weekends cake made by Indy Cakes.

The suggested serving size for a cake ball cake is about 3 pieces per guest. Below are some more cake ball cake ideas.

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Vendor Spotlight- Plum and Poppy Weddings

Here at FORUM Conference & Event Center, we recommend the best of the best wedding vendors. We highly encourage our couples to invest in a Wedding Planner for their big day. Whether it’s full service or day-of-coordination. Having a full service wedding planner allows for the couple to enjoy and be guided through the planning process. A Day-of-Coordinator can be a life safer for those couples who can’t afford a Full-Service Planner.  Remember, your family and friends are your guests too, and you want them to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding.

Sarah Agee, the owner of Plum & Poppy Weddings, is one of our favorite Wedding Planners to recommend! Sarah and her amazing team have been rated among the best wedding planners in the state! We asked Sarah a little bit about her company, as well as, her background and experience.

  • What is your title and position at your current company? Owner & Lead Wedding Planner at Plum & Poppy Weddings


  • What does your company do? How is it different than others like it? We are full service wedding planners and designers. I consider myself a business owner who plans weddings. By this I mean that we treat your wedding with the professional and dedicated attention it deserves.


  • How many years have you been in the industry? 5 years


  • What was your very first job? I worked at a local pizza place in Zionsville


  • What lead you in into the event industry? I went to the Culinary Institute of America after I graduated from Purdue and that got me into catering which led me to weddings.


  • What is your most memorable event? Why? I love when we get to help close families with their weddings. Jill Justus’ wedding was at Union Station two years ago and over the year we were planning her wedding I got to know her entire family and it was such a joy. It’s so wonderful to help people with their wedding that you’ve gotten to know and care for. These are always my most memorable weddings.


  • What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? That I was a chef in New York City before I moved home and became a wedding planner.


  • If you were not in the event industry, what would be your dream job? I would probably own and operate a restaurant if I wasn’t involved in weddings.

Click here to learn more about Plum & Poppy Weddings.

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Why hiring a Videographer for your Wedding Day is so important!

You may think having both a photographer and a videographer on your wedding day is a bit much. You may not think having a videographer is a high priority or even in your budget. Trust us, you’ll want to hire a wedding videographer and here are a few reasons why:

·        Your wedding day will fly by and there are things that you and your spouse will miss that your videographer will capture. For example, seeing your grandparent’s reaction as you say your vows.

·        You can’t hear a picture. You will be able to re-watch your “I Dos”, the meaningful toasts, and great memories that you made at your wedding.

·        You will be able to re-watch and hear the voices and mannerisms of loved ones that have passed.

·        It is a keepsake. You will be able to show your kids and your grandchildren your wedding day.

Yes, like a photographer, videographers tend to be expensive. However, when you are considering the amount of time involved in the wedding video you can see why. You can get a good videographer for a reasonable price. Here are some of the videographers we love to recommend to our Brides & Grooms here at FORUM.

Borgerhoff Movies– Ianbphotography.com

IndyVisual Videographer – indyvisual.com

Vibe Productions – vibevideoproductions.com

C Lyon Productions – clyonproductions.com

Unique Heart Productions– Uniqueheartproductions.com

Blushing Films– blushingfilms.com


Below is a video of our style shoot from a few years ago.

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Top 7 New Color Combos for Your Big Day

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the first things you will do when you get engaged.  Not sure where to even begin?  FORUM is here to help!  Below are some unique wedding color schemes to make your day special:

Magenta + Poppy + Gold

These three colors really pop when paired with neutral table linens.  Try adding these three colors to your flowers, cake, or invites.

Navy + Yellow + Blue

This color scheme screams preppy, sophisticated, and even nautical.  Think of nautical stripped linens with sunflower centerpieces.

Sage + Ivory + Gold

This color combo goes very well with the hot wedding theme – Woodland Weddings.  Lots of greenery in both your bouquet and centerpieces would be perfect for this color combo.  A perfect favor for your guest – succulents.

Aqua + Cherry Red + Beige

This color scheme is meant to be fun!  Think of patterns such as, stripes or chevron for your linens, bright red flowers for your centerpieces, and aqua bridesmaids dresses.  This scheme leans towards the vintage side.














Yellow + Gray + Silver

This color scheme is  very modern, classic, and sleek.   Pair this look with clean lines and graphic linens to keep up that contemporary feel.

Merlot + Peach + Sage

This color scheme has a very earthy and rustic vibe to it.  Think of big wood farm tables as your head table with a dramatic chandelier hanging over the sweetheart table.

Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

This is another very vibrant color scheme that is trending right now in the wedding world.  Let these bright colors shine in the floral arrangements with simple, neutral colors elsewhere.

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A Geofilter…What is that?!

Nowadays there is something on the internet for EVERYTHING! If you can think it, it is probably out there. Have you ever heard of a Geofilter? If you use and love Snapchat, you might want to know about this. Geofilters are location based overlays that users can apply to their Snaps. Sound intriguing? Click here for a link that we found on Business Insider to learn how to make you’re own Geofilter. This website also allows you to create your own Geofilter.

Geofilters can be made for just about anything, especially events and weddings! Below are some photos of Geofilters used for events:

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Traditional Vs. Modern Anniversary Gifts- The First 15 Years!

FORUM Events Center hosts approximately 25 weddings each year. It is crazy to think that it has been over 10 years since we have hosted our very first wedding! We thought it would be a good idea to help give anniversary ideas to not only our past but our future brides and grooms.

Here’s to the first 15!

1st year

Traditional- Paper

Modern- Clocks

Write the sweet love letter that your spouse will hold on to forever.

2nd Year

Traditional- Cotton

Modern- China

Treat your spouse to a new bathrobe or a handmade quite for your home together

3rd Year

Traditional- Leather

Modern- Crystal/Glass

Splurge and get your spouse a new pair of leather shoes or a purse

4th Year

Traditional- Fruit/Flowers

Modern- Appliances

Re-create her bridal bouquet

Flowers in picture are from BOKAY Florists.

5th Year

Traditional- Wood


Plant a tree in your yard.


6th Year

Traditional- Candy/Iron



7th Year

Traditional- Wool/Copper

Modern- Desk Sets


8th Year

Traditional- Pottery/Bronze



9th Year

Traditional- Willow/Pottery

Modern- Leather


10th Year

Traditional- Tin/Aluminum

Modern-Diamond Jewelry


11th Year

Traditional- Steel

Modern- Fashion Jewelry


12th Year

Traditional- Silk/Linen



13th Year

Traditional- Lace

Modern- Textiles


14th Year

Traditional/Modern- Gold Jewelry


15th Year

Traditional- Crystal



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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2017-2018

Planning a wedding and have no idea where to start?  What is a popular trend for this upcoming year?  The FORUM team is here to help.  We researched what are the top 5 trends for weddings for this upcoming year.  Here they are:

  • Woodland Weddings

Rustic with a bit of glam is one of the top trends for this year.  Think lots of greenery with a touch of sparkle.  Romantic wedding attire is what is popular this wedding season – so long wedding veils and gowns with lace or floral embellishments.  Wearing your hair in a braid or wearing a floral crown will compliment this romantic look.  Outdoors under a tent with twinkle lights for your reception, having moss as a runner on your guests tables, or incorporating an animal print in your decor complete this woodland look.


  • Weddings Unplugged

Being truly “present” at an event is something most people struggle with these days as almost everyone has a smart phone or has a social media account like, Facebook or Instagram.  Want guests to not Instagram throughout the ceremony or reception?  Try for an unplugged wedding.  How do you do this, you may ask?  Add a cute note to the guest book table asking guests to please shut off their phones at the start of the ceremony.  Some brides are even providing a phone check (much like a coat check) to ensure that no video or pictures are taken at their special day by guests.

  • Vibrant Colors

Bright colors are back on top for weddings this wedding season.  All white weddings are gone…for now!  What are brides doing to incorporate these bright and fun colors to their weddings?  Brides are taking a more neutral color, such as, gold or ivory and adding a pop of color like yellow.  They may do this through their linen choices, their flowers or centerpieces on the tables, or even on their cake or dessert tables.



  • Sheer Illusion Necklines

The sheer neckline wedding dresses have really taken center stage this wedding season.  The bridal stores are full of these simple, classic wedding dresses with the added sparkle along the necklines all the way down to sometimes the sleeves.  These dresses are stunning to say the least and really showcase the bride in the wedding photography.


  • Social Media Guests

So, the complete opposite of an unplugged wedding is the idea that you have wedding guests capturing your entire day through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Brides are coming up with their own unique #hastag to capture all of these wonderful memories.  Some are even providing charging stations for guests to ensure that their phones stayed juiced the entire evening.



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Vendor Shoutout- Meet Jason Ryan with AMS Entertainment!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful vendors to recommend to our clients! One of those wonderful vendors is AMS Entertainment. We asked Jason Ryan, the Event Sales Manager, to tell us a little bit about his company, as well as, his background and experience.

  • What is your title and position at your current company?

Event Sales Manager at AMS Entertainment

  • What does your company do? How is it different than others like it?

AMS Entertainment started in 1984 as a DJ company. The owner of our company (Slade Smith) wanted to provide an exceptional experience personalized to each client’s unique expectations. All of our staff goes through a certified training program unlike anything in the DJ industry. Over the years we have grown into one of the largest entertainment companies in the state. We now offer DJs, MCs, Video DJs, Photo Booths, A/V Rentals & Lighting, Game Shows, Team building, Airbrush Tattoos, Casino Parties, virtual racing simulators, retro arcade games, Archery Tag, Shooting simulators and much more. But throughout all of that, our core values have stayed the same.

  • How many years have you been in the industry?

13 years. I started with AMS right out of college in 2003 as a part time DJ while managing a jewelry store. While in college, I did help create a large 2 day music festival called SpringFest at the University of Southern Indiana. It was the largest event USI had ever seen and was the first time USI ever had a national act play on campus. We had a carnival, food vendors, a car show and of course, 2 days of music. I was in charge of creating the main stage, finding and contracting with multiple bands and acts and working with the tech crew. That is where I found I had a passion for events.

  • What was your very first job?

It wasn’t pretty or glamorous. I worked as part of the grounds crew at a pay-to-fish lake. My job was to come in on Saturday and Sunday morning and clean up all of the junk that fishermen leave behind. People use some pretty gross stuff as bait! And there were always dead fish. I had to pull the dead fish out of the lake and bury them. I’m not talking small fish either. Typically they were 5-10lb bass. That job didn’t last long!

  • What lead you in into the event industry?

I would have to say that my time spent working on SpringFest at USI is what gave me a taste for the event Industry. I loved building an event from the ground up and watching the attendees having fun and enjoying themselves. I graduated with a degree in Interpersonal Organizational Communications with a plan to go to graduate school for Student Development in Higher Education. At that time, I thought my only way to be able to plan events was as an advisor at a university. It wasn’t until I was hired on with AMS that I realized there was an entire industry surrounding special events.

  • What is your most memorable event? Why?

I have had the true pleasure to be a part of some amazing events and (more specifically) weddings. It is always an honor for me to be asked to DJ at the wedding of another event professional which I have had the pleasure of doing a lot over the last few years.

Recently we had the opportunity to work with the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis for their annual event, “Adult Recess.” It was a fantastic night filled with many different activities that we were able to provide such as Archery tag, DJ, Karaoke, Retro arcade games, Photo booth, Racing Simulators, Pub Style trivia, Extreme bingo, uplighting, digital wall décor, and dance floor lighting.

  • What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am color blind. Not completely though. I have a slight Red-green vision deficiency.

  • If you were not in the event industry, what would be your dream job?

Since I was 5 years old, I always wanted to be an actor. I loved the idea of taking on a different persona every time you walked on stage or in front of a camera. I miss being on stage. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get back on it!

Please check out AMS Entertainment’s website at www.amsindiana.com for more information and new services.


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